Landing Pages

that excite


that sell


that engages

Blog Posts 

that drive traffic

Turn your landing page into your leading salesperson with charm-dripping copywriting that converts.

It's not just your first impression at stake. It's your best chance at keeping web-traffic engaged.

I start formulating landing page copy with diligent research. I then find the big idea that will turn your reader into a repeat customer.

No matter the industry, I can write you a landing page that is steeped in character and drives your customers to your call-to-action.

You can write the greatest e-mail in the world, but if it doesn't get opened, it may as well be penis enlargement spam...

I can help you engage your audience with subject lines that grab attention, and email copy that builds trust and intrigue.

I write emails with the same conversational tone you would expect from a trusted friend.


It helps reassure your readers and guides them in to a comfortable selling environment for you.

Have you ever met someone who went out to buy sugar and instead opted for salt?

...Me neither.


That's why I only create content that your audience will actually connect with.


Whether you're a sardine salesman or you manufacture slippers for kittens, my content will entertain and engage your audience.

And hey, I have a knack for funny photoshop images to go with it all, too.

Well-written articles are great and all, but it if they're not properly formatted or SEO-optimized, they won't make much impact.


You could be missing out on all the benefits a great blog post can have for you...

  • Increase your Google ranking

  • Drive traffic to your website

  • Cultivate a loyal following

I write articles that educate and entertain, but I also make sure they are optimized with long/short tail keywords, backlinks and SEO-friendly formatting.